Optimization is foundation of serverless or event driven systems as we dont want to scale and keep the resources prepared, if there is no work needs to be done by complex & distributed systems.

We often receive below questions on KEDA

We have been challenged by Covid on how to continue and support product development in distributed environment and I would like to share a solution that we have built that no-one will ever think in wild dreams.

Covid-19 has pushed the IT innovation by 400% in just one year and…

Kubernetes is the new standard of operation. This provides agility, quick to market and features are made availble in days. So, here is my recommendation on do’s and dont’s while running your production with Kubernetes.

Base Image:

Dont get carried away by community images, Find legit images or offical images from docker…

I have been running VMware ESXi for Datacenters for more than a decade to provide services to production and Dev/Test workloads even before the raise of Devops and SRE mindshift.

This article is to explain, how we ran the ESXi with principles of Kubernetes to get 100% uptime, rolling upgrades…

This is during 2017–18 and we have promoted an application to run in Openshift prod and it is running fine for a couple of months with no issues untill our ops guys got a pager.

At a very high level, the Openshift/Kubernetes nodes are getting into NotReady state and the…

IT operations — spend n iterations to see a success at n+1th time

I do often see team’s spend 40 hours on a outage incident and thought of explaining, how this progress to have a run book a new runner.

Incident detected my monitoring system:

This is critical and the…

Venkat Kapisetti

Solutions Architect & Cloud Engineering Manager

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